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Custom/Personalized Cakes

Individual cakes for every occasion.


Whether single-tier, multi-tier or 3D cakes - I will be happy to create your dream cake.


Attention: I recommend you to book the cake at least 2 weeks in advance, because I am often fully booked.


First come, first served 😉


If possible, I will gladly accept last-minute orders or looking for a suitable solution with you.

As individual and customized the cakes are as different is also the final price of your dream cake.

For a cake of 10 people should usually count with a price of 120-180 CHF


Contact me by phone, contact form or by mail.


Think in advance about:


  • When would you like to order the cake (date, day and time)

  • Number of people

  • Flavor: Do you want a chocolate cake or something fruity? The better I know what you like, the better I can advise you.

  • Theme, motto and occasion   


For inspiration, you and I can use some pictures of my already produced cakes or from the Internet/Pinterest.

cakes for girls.png
cakes for boys.png
baby cakes.png
teenie cake.png
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