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me with my partner
I teach courses
me as a course leader at the Süss-Messe in Köniz
I am at the Süss fair in Köniz


Hello Everyone  

Glad you found my site 🥰 

My name is Jennifer, but since I can remember everybody calls me Jenny.

Since I was a little girl, I loved to bake with my mom. For me it was quickly clear "I want to do this job".

So, I did it and successfully completed an apprenticeship as a baker/pastry chef/confectioner.

After graduating, I stayed in the same company for many years, where I was responsible for the pastry and confectionary area and trained apprentices.

Then in 2015 I went on a big trip to New York, I was amazed by these colorful design cakes and cupcakes. Honestly, I didn't even have knowing about this kind of pastry. At that time I was more interested in French patisserie.

When I was back in Switzerland, I sat down behind my computer and did a lot of research on the internet about "cakedesign". If I want to know how something is done, I search and practice until I master the technique 😉

The more I learned about this sugar paste world, more I wanted to do this professionally. 

I knew that in a bakery like this where I had been for years now, I couldn't do that, so I started looking for a job along those lines.

And yes, the luck was really kind to me. I found a job as a cake designer and class instructor. During this time I attended many classes to further my education and made wonderful  acquaintances.

After 6 wonderful years as an employee, I wanted to expand my horizons, dare something new, to be my own boss. So in 2022 I dared to take the step into self-employment.

At the moment I'm still working part-time in an employee relationship and developing more  


So be excited I have many projects that I still want to realize.

I am so grateful that I could take this journey!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing partner, family and friends who have always encouraged and supported me.

Also a big thank you to my existing customers who always do such great advertising for me and support my small business.





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